Next Generation Supply Chain Management

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Transform to Digitized Supply Chain

Procurement transition from a process of filling towers of paper work, reading telephone directories and making sales calls to click-of-a-button purchases on a wholly centralised, system that act as an all-in-one solution for companies procurment and sourcing needs.

Digital Transformation of Procurement

Procur procurement solution will enable Sourcing professionals to deliver more than just Cost-savings and goods on time.

Tried & Tested Solutions
Increased Efficiency
Procqur gives robust supply chain management tools and vendor management solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional installed procurement software.

The cloud-based model has flourished within the procurement software market as technology continues to improve, benefiting buying organizations of all shapes and sizes. It tends to have wider organization adoption rates, with a quicker learning curve than traditional procurement software. Procqur ensures continuity of data across management systems with simple integration of data feeds for most ERP and financial systems. Manual analysis, to run RFPs(Request for Proposal). Digitizing the RFP process can help speed up the process and increase

productivity for the stakeholders and sourcing teams. Procqur helps to present a comparison side by side of responses, compares quotations and terms and conditions from different vendors and identifies key differentiation among vendors. It helps all stakeholders to put their decision based on criteria. In a nutshell, the procurement department creates a significant value for the organisation and your search for the best supply chain management software companies in Dubai ends here.

End to End Process Management
Advanced Negotiaton & Supplier Selection
ERP Integration
Automated Sourcing Execution
Budget Control