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Increased Influence and Visibility Spend & Cost Reduction

The biggest problem faced by any procurement function is in shifting procurement’s ‘traditional focus on short-term cost savings to a more holistic objective that includes strategic supplier relationships, giving preference to longer-term cost efficiencies, and working with suppliers to identify opportunities to develop more innovative products and services.

Procurement Problems ranging from organizational inadequacies to human mistakes can bring about adverse effects on a business's procurement and purchasing capability. The procurement software from Procqur enables to have clear visibility of the procurement process and tackle the issues long before they affect other operational functions. 

Increased Operational Performance

Today’s businesses progressively see procurement systems as vital strategic contributors to their value plan and matching end-user goals. Procqur as a dependable procurement system is one created to improve accuracy, efficiency, and speed. Thus, the necessity of standardizing business procedures within procurement and ensuring best practices becomes very important to the overall business plan.

Internal Integration

At the very least, an ideal procurement platform must offer a way to link with other third-party tools like accounting systems, and finance cloud, and allow procurement staff to import and export data directly from spreadsheets or other systems.
When your procurement platform connects seamlessly with other third-party software, it can eliminate data redundancy and human errors. A flexible procurement management software that seamlessly syncs data by scanning data history, deduplicating, and updating without intervention is the need of the hour.

Increased Data Accuracy

Providing Unclear Specifications & Requirements during procurement does not always turn out well and fits the “help me help you” scenario. Usually, suppliers could offer a much better job in delivering what client requests if the organization make available, clear and defined requirements during procurement.

With supply chain software from Procqur, the procurement leaders have the ability to collect supplier data, track performance, manage workflows, and report on real-time data, IT is no longer a roadblock to teams trying to quickly adjust to the supply chain disruption.

Global Procurement process with Cloud Model

Businesses can no longer make do with on-premises, siloed procurement suites. The new-age workplace has changed. It calls for an omni-channel, always-accessible solution to perform procurement operations on-the-go.

A cloud-based procurement software will enable organizations to create, manage, and maintain a centralized database that could be accessed at anytime from anywhere. Procurement cloud solutions are scalable, cost-effective, and free from software updates and installation hassles.

While traditional on-premises tools take anywhere from a few months to a year for deployment, hybrid takes nearly half the time, a cloud-based platform like Procqur Cloud needs only four weeks to get the procurement platform up and running.

Big Data Analytics

Excess inventory is a headache on every level. While you're paying to store it, it's ageing and tying up your cash. For every procurement department, a delicate balance exists between having enough products to meet sales needs and warehouses full of products that won't sell.

Data analysts examine customer buying patterns over time and accurately predict what your business needs and when to order them. Analytics helps tie together internal data sources such as spend data, contract data and data related to supplier relationship management. We believe that platform-driven digital procurement transformation with Procqure supply chain software solutions delivers better results - more quickly, more comprehensively and more reliably.

Process Improvements

Procqur’s procurement process enables procurement professionals to continually monitor suppliers to ensure all delivery demands and standards are met. Start with gradual increment with timelines in place and quality agreed. In other words, hold a regular supply review, discuss key performance KPIs, and agree on action and improvement ideas.

Standardized Workflows

Remove bottlenecks that drag out work. Build workflow templates to speed up your process. Fine tune them to do work your way, make sure no one misses a step, and keep your team rowing in the same direction. Standard structure makes it easier for buyers (and suppliers) to complete, standardizing ways of working.

Value Engineering – Technical Review

Make full use of your savings potential in purchasing. Thanks to our innovative, rapid cost analysis of purchased parts by our spend management software, you can optimize your purchasing strategies, make well-founded make-or-buy decisions, and create a secure basis for negotiations with suppliers.

With the help of standardized value analyses, cost-down and should costing, Procqur’s value engineering uncovers maximum savings potentials in procurement costs at an early stage.

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