Stay One Step Ahead with Today's Supply Chain Challenges with Procqur


Stay One Step Ahead with Today's Supply Chain Challenges with Procqur

It’s been two decades since the internal operations have been streamlined, manufacturing processes have been bolstered, the quality of the products has been ameliorated, and the manufacturing costs lowered. But now, the companies have shifted their focus on the reduction of logistics by employing the right supply chain strategies for the excellence of organisations. While the pandemic disrupted supply chains in myriad ways, it also forced many supply chain professionals to deal with the problems of geopolitics, multiple technologies, global sourcing, and black swan events pertaining to supply chain management. It will now become imperative for the supply chain management software companies to carry out lateral thinking, that is, connecting the dots across multiple technologies, processes, and industries. When it comes to developing strategies and future-proofing your business, innumerable companies have realised that digital supply chain transformation ought to go beyond IT and become an enterprise-wide endeavour involving all departments.

Simplifying and Streamlining Purchase Requisitions with

A SaaS-based future-ready, unified, all in one digitalized platform, which automates supply chain decisions. With its research-led procurement management system, it enables users to take date backed decisions and a dependable procurement system created to improve accuracy, efficiency, and speed. Standardizing business procedures within procurement and ensuring best practices becomes very important to the overall business strategy.


Along with the usual procurement process, procurement professionals need to continually monitor suppliers to ensure all delivery demands and standards are met. Our procurement management software ensures data transparency and visibility across all levels of the procurement process across the organization.


Building an agility layer to allow your organization to react to change will give sourcing and procurement teams the ability to adapt and be proactive


User interface designed with aim to optimize ease of use while offering maximum functionality and respecting business process. The SaaS product can be implemented

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Procure-to-pay" literally defines the different procurement processes an employee takes to acquire goods and/or services.

This system manages Request for Quote(RFQ), the creation and approval of a requisition, the purchasing communication (purchase orders sent to Suppliers), and receiving the payment (settlement) for goods and services, typically through an invoice. 

In order for organizations to provide maximum value for the spending incurred, a set of best practices termed ‘Spend Management’ is followed in their procurement and sourcing decisions. These practices also focus on mitigating financial risk, reducing costs, and enhancing supplier relations.

The payment process of procure-to-pay entails many steps which are manually carried out usually. Accounts Payable automation, or AP automation, refers to the process of eliminating these manual steps and automating the process for increased efficiency. This includes online approvals and workflows, digitizing invoices, and electronic payment of suppliers due to which the risk of error or fraud is minimized and the accounts payable process becomes more streamlined.

In any organization, when creating a requisition, the internal company approval workflow has to be followed before rolling out a Purchase Order and sending it externally to the supplier. Procqur allows you to customize the approval workflow according to your organization’s project needs or org chart. 

Giving you control over your spending is key to our goal. You may construct Dimensions and allocate budgets to them in Procqur. For example, you may set aside $X for your "Travel Budget" and consider it before accepting a travel request. Furthermore, Procqur helps you to create budgets for cost centres such as projects, departments, and locations, among other things. Procqur allows you to extract reports and analyze your spending per Expense Account or Cost Center.

Yes, we have included email customization that allows them to be assigned to respective modules and features.

Procqur enables you to generate a catalogue of your suppliers' items so that you and your team may request products/services in an e-commerce-like environment. Catalogues and product listings can help you order more accurately and prevent costly blunders.

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